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This easy recipe is excellent for beginners or experienced lotion crafters.  You can  use any essential oil to scent this.  Or, if you do not care to keep it natural, you can also scent it with fragrance oil.  More water can be added for a thinner lotion, which can then be poured into bottles rather than jars.

Links to each ingredient are included.  Simply click on the ingredient and it will take you to our store.  Enjoy ~

Basic Lotion Recipe

30 oz. Distilled Water

8 oz. Vegetable Based Emulsifying Wax

4 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil*

6 drops Vitamin E

1 oz. Lavender Essential Oil

1.5 oz. Leucidal Natural Preservative

6 - 8 oz. Plastic PET Jars

Combine emulsifying wax and apricot kernel oil, warming to 155 degrees F. Heat water to 120 degrees F. Only combine them when the temps are exact. Using a Pyrex bowl, pour water into wax and oil mixture. Stir briskly with spatula until fully blended or whip with whisk attachment to mixer or stick blender. Regular mixer with beaters like one used to make a cake is acceptable. Put container in refrigerator to set or allow to sit at room temperature. This may take several hours. Once fully cooled to at least 80 degrees, stir in Leucidal, Vitamin E (unless it's already been added to the apricot oil) and lavender essential oils until completely blended. Scoop into clean jars. Makes approximately 45 ounces. If whipped, final product will be slightly fluffier.

*May substitute apricot kernel oil with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil or olive oil.

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