exfoliating younger skin

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s most outer layer.  Removal of these dead cells allows new smoother cells to be revealed.  Sure, your skin will do this naturally but with age, the process slows down.  Exfoliation speeds up the process and will keep your skin looking younger.  Without exfoliation, dead cells can also get trapped on the skin, which can lead to dark spots, clogged pores, rough looking skin, dryness and even dull looking skin.

Regular exfoliation should definitely be incorporated into your skin care routine.  This process can help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles also.  But how often should you exfoliate?  Normally, 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient, however, for sensitive skin, once per week will do.  You do not want to over exfoliate, as this can be harmful.

Abrasive products should not be used on the face.  Salt or sugar scrubs are usually meant for the body and not the face.  Facial loofah pads can be used on the face with our Ultimate natural soap bar or any one of our natural soap bars.  Larger loofah body pads can be used on the entire body as well as the face. 

How to exfoliate:  Be gentle!  If it hurts, stop immediately.  Do not use products that are too abrasive.  Soap up your loofah and apply the product using small circular motion for approximately 30 seconds.  Rinse using cool water; not hot.  Never exfoliate on skin that is cut, irritated or has sunburn.

What should I do after I exfoliate?  Once you’ve exfoliated, you should use a good moisturizer.  Our all natural whipped lotions are perfect for your face and entire body. 

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