Organic Essential Oils

Wild Herb pure essential oils are imported direct from certified organic distillers worldwide. Our high grade oils are excellent for use in everyday living applications, handcrafting of health & beauty products, scenting soap, lotion and much more.  Wild Herb essential oils are always fresh and true to nature’s scent. With extensive research, we have personally and carefully chosen our sources to ensure consistent high grade quality and full strength oils every time you purchase from us.  We've done this to ensure that  you, our valued customer, receives the maximum benefits of nature’s pure oils.

**TIP: Please be sure to read our policies, as we do not accept returns on essential oils and other ingredients.  If you are new to Wild Herb's brand or trying a new product, please be sure to purchase the smallest size first to ensure it is acceptable to you and your needs.

Our essential oils include historical uses of the oils and have not been evaluated by FDA. See 'Terms & Conditions' for full disclosure.