Wild Herb: About Us

Wild Herb Soap Co. is a small family owned business originating in scenic Arizona & relocating to the 'Forgotten Coast' on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.  We handcraft our soap, lotion, lip balm and various other products we offer.  Our line of pure organic therapeutic - aromatherapy high grade essential oils are imported direct from distillers worldwide.  The superior quality butters, waxes, carrier oils and other ingredients are always of the same high grade consistently.  Wild Herb cares about the products we ship to our loyal customers.

Starting as a search for a better way of life, we began seeking out natural products.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find suitable ones for our extreme dry skin conditions as well as our kid's acne.  We decided to do our own research and produce our own products.  In our endeavors, we feel we came up with the perfect recipe that we now use in our soap, lotion and lip balms to ease our dry skin conditions.  Then we formulated soap and purifier for the acne situation.  Once these products were introduced to the hand crafted community, Wild Herb Soap Co. swiftly grew into a well known brand.  With the demand for the purchase of the ingredients we used in our hand crafted items, Wild Herb soon became known for its supplies.

Natural living has fast become a way of life for many families. We are aware of the importance of knowing that the products you receive are consistently the same high grade. That is why we've hand picked every single supplier and thoroughly researched their procedures and products. We've gone the extra mile so that you will have confidence in ordering from us time and time again. At this time, we've started growing wild herb of rosemary, basil and oregano on our acreage. It's exciting to use these in our formulations.

We're extremely proud of our Health and Wellness line, which includes professionally formulated creams, rubs and oils to guide you and your family back to wellness.  This includes a wide variety of exclusive essential oil blends to improve your everyday living. Wild Herb essential oils have become extremely popular for the DIY-er and those looking to simply diffuse an herb oil, citrus blend, floral aroma and so many more! Free shipping is offered on every item, every day.

Wild Herb Soap Co. is proud to supply you with our products!

We are your healthy choice for natural living ~