DEODORANT: What’s the big stink about it anyways?

We get asked the same question a lot these days.  That question is ‘should I REALLY use natural deodorant instead of antiperspirant?’  There are many reasons why you definitely should be using natural deodorant.

Let’s first look at what an antiperspirant does.  It works by preventing perspiration from occurring.  Sweating is a natural process in our bodies and should not be prevented.  Yet this is exactly what an antiperspirant does. 

Do I really want my armpits to sweat and risk being stinky?

On the other hand, deodorant allows our armpits to sweat but blocks the odor.  When sweat interacts with skin dwelling bacteria, the result is bad odor.  Deodorant is formulated to kill off the bacteria.  The conclusion is that using deodorant is much healthier for the body because it allows for a more natural process.  Your choice of deodorant should be evaluated to ensure that the odor will be absorbed. 

What about the ingredients?

Many personal care products on the market contain undesirable ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, aluminum and more.  Unfortunately, there are claims that these components are connected with various health risks.  Some have found that they may be allergic to these ingredients as well.  Adverse reactions have occurred such as rashes. 

Although there are other studies that claim health risks have NOT been connected to the daily use of antiperspirant, many are still taking precautions against using it simply because of the fact that it is natural for the body to sweat out toxins.  One should ask themselves: is the risk worth it or should I simply use natural deodorant?

When choosing a natural deodorant, be sure to read the ingredients thoroughly.  It has been our discovery here at Wild Herb Soap Co. that many people have experienced a bad reaction to baking soda.  This discovery has come about by speaking face to face with customers.  Therefore, we have chosen to leave this ingredient out.  Our natural deodorant has become quite a hot item since its release in approximately 2016.  The ingredients, including the essential oils, are geared towards absorbing the odor associated with armpit sweat.

Make the right choice!

Although you may decide there is not enough evidence proving great health risk associated with the use of an antiperspirant, it would be wise to consider using natural deodorant simply because it will eliminate the absorption of chemicals into your body.  Ultimately, natural deodorant is a wise alternative.  There’s truly no reason to risk any danger associated with antiperspirant.  Click here now to be taken to Wild Herb Soap’s natural deodorant.

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