Lip Balm Making Kit
Lip Balm Making Kit
Wild Herb Soap Co. LLC

Lip Balm Making Kit

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Learn to make lip balm.
This is not just a melt and pour lip balm making kit. You will actually blend the ingredients with our step-by-step instructions.
★ ☆ ★ Makes 8 lip balms
You'll receive all the pre-measured ingredients to make a total of 8 lip balms. Finish them off with the labels that are included.
Pick your yummy flavor from the drop down box.
Read ingredients below. You can make a creamy balm or a harder, longer lasting balm. The choice is yours. You'll be able to learn how in the instructions included in this lip balm making kit.
Wonderful gift and a great hobby.
Fun item to give as a gift or an excellent craft to do with your child. Just be careful.......children must be assisted, as oils will get very, very hot and could cause burning. Adult supervision required.
No more chapped, dry or cracked lips. Treat yourself, family and friends to a handmade, enriching lip balm.
What you get :
● Oil mixture of olive oil, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E
● Beeswax
● Mango Butter
● Choice of flavor  **Note: E/O = Essential Oil & F/O = Flavor Oil
● 8 lip balm tubes with caps
● 8 labels
● Step by step instructions
Healthy formula is enriched with pure oils plus vitamin e to help protect from sun, wind and environment. The butter will make a nice, creamy experience. And the beeswax will help harden the lip balm so it will last a long time.