Dog Shampoo, Liquid
Dog Shampoo, Liquid
Wild Herb Soap Co. LLC

Dog Shampoo, Liquid

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Wild Herb Pet Essentials brand of natural dog shampoo enriches the coat, leaving it healthy and glowing. Infused with aloe and nutritional oils, our shampoo will help to heal dry skin, soften the coat and leave your pet smelling fresh.

Pet Essentials formula is gentle on your dog's skin yet effective enough to thoroughly clean its coat. For thicker coats, add 25% or more water to the formula to allow the shampoo to penetrate the thick coat easier. 

Formulated specifically with dry skin in mind, Pet Essentials shampoo is further fortified with oat extract to help heal irritated skin and keep it healthy to avoid scratching. Simple clean rinsing formula is the perfect choice for your pet.  Allergy prone dogs can be shampooed several times a week with any one of our dog shampoos.

Wild Herb Pet Essentials Bug Off spray can be applied after coat is dry.  Or try another one of our sprays. They are all formulated with 'safe for dog' essential oils.

100% natural and paraben free

Safe for pets 8 weeks and older.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, aloe, oat extract and essential oils if scented formula is selected.

Scent Choices:

  • Oatmeal & Aloe - Unscented
  • Bug Off - Essential oils of Bergamot, Lemongrass, & Rosemary
  • Citrus Blossom - Bergamot, Lavender, & Tangerine
  • Chill Out - Lavender, Geranium, & Cedarwood
  • Wild Earth - Frankincense, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, & Lemongrass

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