Candle Wax Flakes, Soy
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Soy Candle Wax Flakes (USA Grown Soy)

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Made from USA grown soybeans. Our easy to use soy wax candle making flakes are made of hydrogenated soybean oil. The wax is ‘Golden Brand 444’ and is meant for container and tea light candles. Clean up is a snap, as you can simply wipe the unused wax out of your melting container with paper towel once it has cooled sufficiently.

This particular wax was formulated to hold fragrance better (max fragrance is 12% or 2 oz. per pound). The higher melting point (121 to 125 degrees F) helps the candles keep their form in warm weather.

For a harder, longer lasting candle, try mixing with beeswax: 75% soy wax flakes + 25% beeswax (yellow or white)

Pour temp: 120˚F to 130˚F (Closer to 120˚ F is best)

This wax can be colored and scented.  Scent can be formulated with either essential oils or fragrance oils.  Check out our selection of organic essential oils and fragrance oils.

Sold by weight.

IMPORTANT:  We normally use USPS to ship our packages.  Packages weighing approx. 30+ lbs may ship via UPS Ground.  Those with PO boxes, please include street address AND post office box number.