Allspice Pure Essential Oil
Allspice Pure Essential Oil
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Allspice Pure Essential Oil

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Allspice pure essential oil has a somewhat sharp note and is reminiscent of cinnamon and clove oils.  It is a strong oil with a high content of eugenol and one must dilute it well before application.  If used too strongly in diffusers, it may be irritating to the mucous membrane. 

The oil is extracted from the berries of the Allspice tree. Many consider this an excellent fall oil but is a definite year round winner. Widely used in the blending of masculine scents. 

Following are historical uses of this oil and have not been evaluated by FDA. See 'Terms & Conditions' for full disclosure.

Historical Health Benefits

  • Supports digestive system by relieving stomach cramps, nausea, etc.
  • Combats arthritic and muscular pain
  • Stimulates circulation

Historical Emotional Benefits

  • Aids in relief of mental exhaustion
  • Calms anxiety
  • Uplifts mood


  • Organic
  • Flash point: 200
  • Botanical name: Pimenta Officinalis
  • Country of origin: West Indies
  • Method of extraction: Steam distillation
  • Blends well with bergamot, sweet orange, lemon, frankincense, ylang ylang and ginger.
  • 8 ounce size and larger come in a plastic bottle.