Fragrance Oil, 1 oz. size
Fragrance Oil, 1 oz. size
Wild Herb Soap Co.

Fragrance Oil, 1 oz. size

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Our full strength fragrance oil is excellent for use in bath soap and candles, oil warmers, room spray, soap, potpourri and more. They are multi-use and of the highest grade.

Qualities of our fragrance oil include:

● Phthalate free

● Full strength - Premium grade

● Multi-use

Available scents and descriptions:

- Butt Naked: Enjoyable harmony of fresh green apples, juicy pears and refreshing melons. Excellent spring and summertime scent that can be enjoyed all year.

-Cherry Bomb: A serious explosion of cherry aroma!  Awesome scent that's sweet yet tart.

*Possibility of discoloration in melt and pour soaps and lotions. Be sure to use a stabilizer as needed.

-Chocolate Decadence: Truly sinful. This is a deep, rich and sexy scent reminiscent of the most expensive chocolates imaginable.

*Possibility of discoloration in melt and pour soaps and lotions. Be sure to use a stabilizer as needed.

-Cotton Candy: Reminiscent of being at the fair. The cotton candy machine twisting up a generous heap of fresh, sweet cotton candy. Playful notes of light, sweet strawberry and a hint of vanilla.

-Day Spa: Clean & peaceful, yet invigorating. A light dusting of white florals, sparkling peach with a hint of white grapefruit. Upscale boutique-like aroma.

-Evening Jasmine: A sweet, sweeping aroma of jasmine at night. Exotic and sensual.

-Exotic Coconut: (BBW type) Creamy, toasted coconut aroma with hints of buttery vanilla musk. Yes, it's truly an exotic experience.

-French Vanilla Supreme: Sweet and yummy. True vanilla scent with a rich, buttery twist.

-Fruit Punch Hard Candy(Type): Mouth watering. Bursting with fruity essence.

-Ocean Mist: Refreshingly crisp. Cool blend of an ocean breeze and crisp white flowers. Quite a sparkling scent.

-Rose Garden: Fresh roses. What a treat to your nose. The aroma of this fragrance oil will immediately transport you to a lovely garden full of fresh, blooming roses.

-Strawberry: Smells just like freshly picked sweet ripe strawberries.

- Watermelon: Juicy watermelon. Simple as that . . . . . fresh, mouth watering and simply delicious.



CP, HP or Melt & Pour soap making 1 oz./pound

Candle making 1 oz./pound in paraffins; 1-1/2 oz./pound in soy

Potpourri & Oil burners Full strength; may dilute per preference (always add water when using in oil burners/warmers)

Lotion & Massage oils 1/2 to 1 oz./pound

Bath salts 1/4 oz./pound

Perfume 15% to 30%, depending on preference

Flashpoint: 180 to 200 degrees, depending on scent