Green Oxide Pigment Powder

Green Oxide Pigment Powder

  • $6.75

Green Oxide is a natural pigment, also known as Chromium Oxide. As with all of our oxide powders, a small amount goes a long way.

This is a medium green but can be made lighter by using just a tiny amount or by adding some white ,titanium dioxide. For a darker green, add slightly more or try adding a touch of black oxide. Titanium dioxide and black oxide can both be found in our store.

This matte green oxide is safe for use in bath and beauty products including soap, lotion, eyes but not for lips. A pastel tone is created when used in white bases.

Not for lip products.

This colorant will not migrate or bleed when layering.

Use with caution in Melt and Pour soap, as it may speckle.

Sold by volume.