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Stomach Relief Rub


Stomach Rub for Upset and Bloated Tummy

This is excellent for calming the stomach due to upset/gas from excessive eating or eating the wrong food. Will also calm the stomach when feeling nauseous. The essential oils in this all natural product have been used for centuries to aid in stomach relief. When rubbed on the stomach, there is an immediate warm feeling that comes over the area with swift results.

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Our all natural blend will soothe tight, aching muscles to relieve tension, while the aroma will settle upset stomach and calm the nerves. This handy size is perfect to slip in your purse, pocket, travel or carry on bag or desk drawer. When you feel the tension or tightness starting, roll it on!

No need to suffer or chance adverse side affects from over-the-counter headaches meds! We are subjected to many pollutants all day long that is absorbed by our skin (our largest organ!). There’s just no reason to feed more into your body with the ingredients that may be in these pills to pop for headaches. Instead, use Wild Herb’s all natural remedy and treat your body right!

Rest assured that we use only pure 100% aromatherapy – therapeutic use essential oils. We order direct from distillers worldwide and all essential oils are wildcrafted! We carefully blend the exact amount of essential oils with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is highly preferred to use in our blends because it is easily absorbed into the skin going deep, to give you the highest benefit of the essential oils! Plus, it is the least greasy of the other carrier oils.