Arizona Raw Honey, Desert Blue Clover
Desert Blue Clover Honey
Desert Blue Clover Honey
Wild Herb Soap Co. LLC

Arizona Raw Honey, Desert Blue Clover

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Desert Blue Clover raw unfiltered honey is a thick, rich and more traditional tasting honey, harvested from the alfalfa field in Yuma, Arizona. The robust flavor and quality is far superior to any clover honey you'll find in a supermarket. Perfect general purpose honey is excellent on toast, in tea, on peanut butter and honey sandwiches or drizzled on sweet potatoes.

Wild Herb's pure raw honey is sourced from ‘The Honeyman’, who started his career in 1970 with beekeeping as a hobby. With all of the excess honey his bees were producing, he started a little stand in May of 1974 at the Prescott Farmer’s Market. Today, The Honeyman works with a number of different beekeepers in Arizona to help provide a wide variety of raw honey. We here at Wild Herb Soap, use all of these honey types in our soap and lotion.

If any of the honey 'crystallizes', all you need do is slowly melt it by placing on an electric skillet or other flat heated surface top at a low temperature.  Once melted, it should not re-crystallize.  Honey does NOT spoil; it is about the only product on earth that does not go bad.  Pure honey also does not hold any germs......germs cannot survive in honey!

Upon moving from Phoenix to Heber-Overgaard, Arizona, we searched out a local honey source and decided upon The Honeyman brand because the flavors were robust and the quality superior to that of any honey we’ve used over the years. Local customers that frequent our brick and mortar store have come to love this honey as much as we do! We’ve now decided to offer this scrumptious honey to you, our valued online customers.

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Honey is a healthier alternative to sugar. Try some today.

16 oz. (1 lb.) size comes in glass jar