Deodorant - Baking Soda Free
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Deodorant - Baking Soda Free

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Natural Deodorant formula provides long lasting protection against odor, while absorbing the most wetness possible. Our natural deodorant effectively neutralizes odor while other ingredients absorb the wetness.

Commercial antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals that prevent sweating. This is actually unhealthy, since the body rids itself of toxins through sweating. Our natural deodorant has been formulated to provide hours of odor control to help keep you smelling fresh.

This deodorant is baking soda free so it won't clog pores. 

Tested formula is hypoallergenic.


Size:  2.65 oz by volume                 Measurements: 4.76" high X 1.26" high

Choose from 2 scents:

#1: Cypress, Neroli, Lemongrass & Lavender (Organic blend of essential oils known to be a natural deodorizer)

#2: Lavender - (pure organic essential oil)

Ingredients: Extra virgin coconut oil, mango butter, castor oil, beeswax, diatomaceous earth, arrowroot powder, essential oil(s), vitamin E.