Black Cumin Seed Oil

  • $11.95

Our black cumin seed oil, also referred to as black seed oil, is virgin and cold pressed from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a flowering shrub.  It is an amber colored oil offering a wide range of benefits for healthy, glowing skin and hair.  Historians believe that Cleopatra used black seed oil on her skin and hair to obtain the ultimate in beauty.

Black seed oil is excellent for use in skin preparations to help combat psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions including dry scalp.  Use on hair may help strengthen and aid in new growth.  Topical application on the stomach may aid in digestive issues.  When used in massage oil, it may aid in easing muscle pain, back aches and headaches.

This high grade oil comes to us from a certified organic source and contains vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, calcium, folate, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.  Properties known to be antibacterial and antifungal. 

INCI:  Nigella sativa oil

Country of origin:  Canada