Pet Care

Wild Herb loves our four legged friends.  Stop their itching with our natural soap line.  Made of the same soap making supplies as our soap for humans, dog soaps are highly nourishing and will moisturize your dog's skin.  Commercial dog soap and shampoos have chemicals and fragrance in them, which only dry your pet's skin out even more.  Dump the commercial brands and give our natural soap supplies a shot.  Your pet will love you for it.

We've added natural beeswax to our recipe, which will make the soap harder and allow it to last longer.  The beeswax has also been known to lock in moisture and this will help heal your pet's skin. 

Our sprays are all natural and non-irritating to the skin.  You may use them in conjunction with soap or by themselves.  Either way, you'll have a very happy pup.