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Attention is a tranquil pure blend that may aid in relaxing your mind and body, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.  We've all had racing thoughts, which then make us a bit anxious at times.  Breathe in this lush aroma and allow your senses to feel a calmness.

This blend has a deep aroma that is quite popular with moms that have kids in a hurry. Settle your world....and theirs.

Our exclusive blends can also be used for scenting lotion, body spray, massage oil, candles, bath water and other bath/beauty needs.

Historical uses of this oil blend have not been evaluated by FDA. See 'Terms & Conditions' for full disclosure.

Choose from the following types:

Full strength: Undiluted pure organic essential oils (available in 1/2, 1 and 2 oz. sizes)

Ready-to-go 2 oz. spray: Contains distilled water, organic essential oils, witch hazel, leucidal natural preservative.

Ready-to-go .33 o. roll-on bottle: Contains grapeseed oil, organic essential oils.

For external use only.

Available exclusively at Wild Herb Soap Co.