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Basic Lotion Recipe

Basic Lotion Recipe

30 oz. Distilled Water

8 oz. Emulsifying Wax

4 oz. Apricot Kernel Oil

6 drops Vitamin E

1 oz Lavender Essential Oil

1.5 oz. Leucidal Natural Preservative

Combine emulsifying wax and apricot kernel oil warming to 155 degrees F. Heat water to 120 degrees F. Only combine them when the temps are exact.Using a pyrex bowl, pour water into wax and oil mixture. Stir with spatula until fully blended or whip with whisk attachment to mixer or stick blender. Put container in refrigerator to set or allow to sit at room teperature. This may take several hours. Once fully cooled to at least 80 degrees, stir in Leucidal, Vitamin E and lavender essential oils until completely blended. Scoop into desired containers.

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