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Affiliate Account How To

How to become a Wild Herb Soap Affiliate

First you need to create an account by clicking here

 Once there, Under New Affiliate click Continue and complete the profile page and be sure to enter in the URL of the website you plan on placing any of your affiliate links.

You can place your affiliates links in more than one place – your website, your blog, on social media and more but we would like your website URL so we can give all of our affiliates credit.

Wild Herb Soap Affiliate Program

After you have completed and submitted your profile it needs to be approved and activated.

Once your account is active you can login by going here.

The first screen you will see when you login is this screen.

Click on Custom Affiliate Tracking Code to get started.

Wild Herb Soap Affiliate Program

On the next screen you will see your unique tracking code and a Tracking Code Generator.

Select, Copy and Save Your Tracking Code for reference.

Wild Herb Soap Affiliate Program

Affiliate links can be created two ways.

The first way is to use the Tracking Code Generator.

Type in any product name and it will generate the link you need to use on your website or blog.

You can generate and use as many links as you would like, there is no limit.

Wild Herb Soap Affiliate Program

The alternate way to create affiliate links is, find the product or page you would like to promote by browsing the website.
(You do not need to be logged in to do this)

For example here is how to create an affiliate link for our Essential Oil Blend – Aphrodisiac

Once you are on the page, copy the URL

For this example our sample Affiliate Tracking Code will be – ababababababa

Add the following text to the product link – ?tracking=ababababababa

The complete Affiliate Link would look like this.

Create and title the link on your website or blog any way you desire. Here is an example of the file HTML code.

<a href="" target="_blank">Essential Oil Blend - Aphrodisiac</a>

Here is how the link in the above example will look.

Essential Oil Blend – Aphrodisiac

Wild Herb Soap Affiliate Program

Once you have placed the link on your website or blog you will want to test it and make sure that it is working.

What happens next ????

Place as many affiliate links on your website as you would like.

When any of your website visitors click on any of your Affiliate Links it will
generate a cookie for that visitor and will last for 90 days.

This means that if that visitor buys anything from our store in the next 90 days
you will get credit for the purchase even if they never re-visit your website or blog.